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Jan 21, 2017
T&T - Patrons to Pan Trinbago/NLCB National Panorama Festival semi-finals can enjoy reduced ticket prices to the event.

After taking into consideration several economic factors, the promoters have reverted to its original price structure.

Tickets for the North Stand will now cost $350, Grand Stand $200 with the North Greens at $250.

The Semi-finals aka “Savannah Party” takes place on Sunday, February 12 from 9 am.

Fifty-eight bands in three categories will perform their tune of choice before their respective panel of judges.

Early birds to all areas will receive free instant scratch lottery tickets (Lucky 7 and 10 X the money), 2500 to the North Stand, 500 to the Grand Stand and 1500 to the Greens, or a chance to win up to $200,000.00

Additionally, all patrons in the Grand Stand and North Greens will get free rum and beer with those in the North Greens receiving Natural Water, produced by the three interest groups, as long as stocks last.

Venues and locations for tickets will be made in a subsequent announcement.

Earlier this week, NLCB announced its title sponsorship of the major steelband and calypso competitions ie of both the National Panorama Semi Finals and Calypso Fiesta.


Jan 22, 2017

PanLara - Haiti (D. Rudder)